The Old Plantation

Punta Gorda (Floride USA)

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IMPORTANT INFO: Everything is perfectly quiet and calm in Morocco. We have no security problem. For more information, please contact us on the contact page or via email at reservation@riadetpalaisdesprincesses.com

Riad Palais des Princesses Presentation


Nicknamed "the city of Morocco" by early travelers, Marrakech is an imperial city founded in the late ninth century, which symbolizes the history and culture of Morocco. Magic City, after a troubled past and exciting while maintaining stunning evidence that make it a city museum. Behind its red walls, Marrakech encloses the most amazing treasures that are, you can not resist the secret charm of the medina riads which, screened from view by immense carved portals, leaving the sweet scents escape from their gardens.

The Moroccan house type Arab-Islamic is the most remarkable expression of a culture and society that make the house and its courtyard one of the most precious and most important Medina.Whether a mansion, a palace, a modest house or popular, a rural dwelling or a townhouse from the outside, one sees a blind wall pierced with doors decorated to preserve the privacy of the family.

According to tradition, the Palace is built around an upstairs patio with flowers and trees, a haven of peace, as an oasis in the heart of the old city (medina), its thick adobe walls preserve its host city noises and harsh climate, retaining the coolness in summer and warm in winter.

Very quiet, a magical place that will allow you to rest quietly in a beautiful lounge, patio or around the lively sound of a fountain flooded with rose petals, a mint tea at nap time , not to mention the spicy flavors of a tagine or light candles and enchanting dance. Real feelings that you will falter to moments of pure well-being!

Grand terrace overlooking the medina, beautiful solarium with comfortable sunbeds, it can also admire the atlas and its eternal snows.

Why choose us

Le Riad Palais des Princesses®, a former princely residence in the center, just off the Djemaa El Fna and Koutoubia is still a timeless gem hidden behind the austere walls of the medina, worthy of an oriental tale, a harmonious fusion of Moorish style and comfort perfectly contemporary. It was the home of a family history that made Marrakech. It has been fully restored for five years by major world-renowned architects, painters and sculptors of great talent. High walls protect completely from outside noise and give our guests a perfect calm and exceptional intimacy.

All of this makes sense only if you feel in your own home here with us.

Le Riad Palais des Princesses® has a total of 17 rooms and suites arranged in a large architectural complex consisting of several interconnected buildings: whatever the input, 37, 39, 41 Derb Derb Jemaa Kennaria or 10, while communicating from one to another. This is a single entity where all the rooms and apartments have the same standard of comfort, the same decor, same staff and where all parts of this collection of great charm are accessible to all our clients regardless of their room.

17 Rooms charming and comfortable, air conditioned and beautifully decorated with special attention by great artists, painters and sculptors in respect of art and the Moroccan tradition. All with air conditioning and unique decor. However, to be accessible to all, we wanted to stay in a range of extremely moderate price of rooms for the high quality of our services. (See our rates page)

Upon arrival, you will see that we offer so much more for less.

We wanted luxury and comfort of a grand hotel is accessible to everyone at Riad Palais des Princesses ®. Indeed, for quality of services and new facilities are quite exceptional, our prices are lower by at least 50% to the market reality of Marrakech. This is simply due to no debt, a significant degree of filling, and a rigorous management of our familly group of hotels.

Services presented

Fully aware that your happiness and serenity should be our purpose, we do everything to ensure continuous service as comprehensive as possible and totally custom.

Our core strength: a large staff, carefully selected, professional, trained and continuously assessed, quiet and attentive, who will make sure you are fully satisfied and happy to be with us.

On your request, we can take charge when you exit the plane, you wait if necessary and send you to the Riad Palais des Princesses with your luggage for a very modest contribution. (See "Transportation and delivery ") and this day and night. You will congratulate you for choosing this service you will avoid all that comfortable and all searches of luggage worries.

Sur votre demande, nous pouvons vous prendre en charge dès votre sortie de l'avion, vous attendre si nécessaire et vous acheminer au Riad Palais des Princesses avec vos bagages pour une très modique contribution. (voir "Transport et acheminement") et cela de jour et de nuit. Vous allez vous féliciter d'avoir choisi ce service confortable qui vous évitera toutes recherches et tous soucis de bagages.


Welcome Home

The family group, Group Monacowith direction of Monegasque nationality, based in Monaco, who runs the Riad Palais des Princesses ® has a long international experience in the field of tourism (60 years in California, 40 years on the Côte d'Azur, 30 years in Florida, aged 20 the Caribbean).

These various destinations were grouped under the name "Worldwide Exclusive Villas and Hotels®".

Charles Maurice and Stéphanie de l'Arbre, chief executive officers and designers of the group, wanted to give the various institutions in the group, excellence specific to the worldwide reputation of Monaco: 

- First, by the very high quality architectural and decorative hotels and villas, all beautifully situated, making the residences of great charm and luxury. 
- Then the high quality of the reception, staff, and services.

The branch will always be at your disposal and if you wish, you can talk at any time either on site or over the phone from the hotel.They put their whole heart to the Riad Palais des Princesses ® an exclusive residence with extremely modest prices incomparable and accessible to all, in harmony with other hotels "Worldwide Exclusive Villas and Hotels®" in the world :

"Villa La Mission" andla plage de Baie Rouge, one of the most beautiful in the world, the island of Sint Maarten, Caribbean, large and luxurious resort on the beach or greet you Philibert andMarijke BOUSSAT.

"Domaine The Old Plantation" large estate in Punta Gorda Florida on the Gulf of Mexico with private boat and the possibility of fishing, golf course property, tennis in front of the house, very comfortable with U.S. standards or you host John HUNT.

"Manoir Château de la Lézardière" in Cannes, (French Côte d'Azur). 12 rooms all overlooking the most beautiful bay in the world.

- And most recently, our latest partner, in the heart of Provence, gourmet restaurant of the great French chef star Xavier Mathieu.

Welcome Home

It is with our heart that we welcome you as soon as you arrive you'll not only our customers but also our friends forever.